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Bourbon Deluxe Whiskey

Large Flask - Size 3.75" X 8.5" Tall has embossed Bourbon deLuxe Whiskey and wheat stalks. HISTORY: Circa 1930's from Vancouver, Canada. (This candle has the new Wishbone Wick starts as 1 wick and turns into 2 wicks)

Caldwell's Rum

Description: 4” x 7.5” tall. Embossed with “CALDWELL’S RUM” and a ship with several rum barrels. HISTORY: In 1790 Caldwell's Newburyport Rum was barrel aged, which gave it a butterscotch aroma. It was sold in thick glass bottles and eventually embossed with a trademark three-masted schooner. Most of it was consumed locally but some was exported as part of the triangular transatlantic slave trade. Caldwell's last survivor, closed its Newburyport operation in 1961.

E.G. Booz Whiskey - small

Smaller Old Cabin - Size 3" X 6.5" Tall Shaped like a small cabin with embossed roof shingles and brick siding. Embossed on both sides is Booz Bottle Philadelphia Pa. HISTORY: This whiskey was made for Edmund C. Booz by Whitney Glass Works of Glasboro, NJ around 1886. This bottle is a reproduction and supposedly the word "Booze" came from E.C. Booz. (This candle has the new Wishbone Wick)

Milk Bottle - Half Pint - Cow

Size 2.5" Round x 6" Tall with embossed lettering “Dairy” and picture of a cow. HISTORY: Unable to get information about this milk bottle because there is no company name on it but t was manufactured sometime before 1960's because that is when paper and plastic milk containers started to carry our milk. If you love milk and/or cows, you just might be interested in this candle.

Santa - Bottle

Size 3.5” Round x 12” Tall This is shaped like Santa Claus. HISTORY: This Santa bottle was designed by artist Marjorie Child Husted in the early 1900's. Unfortunately my bottle is a reproduction, but who can tell, when it is turned into a pretty neat candle, uh?

Wine Bottle with Roses

3” Round x 11.5” Tall This bottle has embossed roses all around it. HISTORY: No information was found on this bottle, but extremely decorative and romantic as a candle.
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