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Beau Peep

Size 2.5" x 6.5" Tall This bottle is shaped like a woman with her hands clasped in front of her. HISTORY: Circa 1940's to 1950's. This product was double white shoe polish manufactured by Beau Peep Products Co. of Chicago, Illinois.

Dodge - with Graduated lines

Size 2.5” sq x 8” Tall with embossed cursive lettering “Dodge” on front and on the back graduated lines 1-15. HISTORY: Believe it or not but this is a Dodge Chemical Co. bottle, established in 1893. The main office is in Cambridge MA., with plants in England and Canada. What is the product, you ask?? Embalming Fluid!! This company is still in operation and provides this product to most mortuaries.

Easy Bright Polish

Size 2" x 4.5" Tall. HISTORY: From the early 1900's. This product may have been shoe polish.

Liquid Stove Polish

Size 3" x 6.5" Tall with embossed lettering “ Liquid Stove Polish, Manufactured By J.L. Prescott Co., New York”. HISTORY: Circa 1870's to 1945

Vici Leather Dressing Horseshoe

Sizes 2" sq. x 5" Tall with embossed upside down horseshoe and lettering “VICI Leather Dressing, Robt. H. Foerderer, Philadelphia. U.S.A. HISTORY: Robert H. Foerderer Inc began as a one room factory in 1892. He found that treating animal skins with chemical chromium sulfate created the softest ad most supple leather. The product was used mostly for manufacturing leather shoes and purses. Mr. Foerderer called his leather Vici Kid - Vici means " i conquered" in Latin and Kid refers to goat, the type of animal used to produce his leather.